Frequently Asked Questions

We have listed a few of the most common questions and their answers here. If necessary, the list will be expanded and updated accordingly.

As of April 21, 2021

How can I register for the 2022 meeting?

We have currently stopped all registrations because we want to clarify a few details due to the postponement to the new date (June 14th to June 19th, 2022). As soon as these details have been determined, we will start a new registration for the Grand European 2022.
Since all rooms in the Thermenhotel Dorint are currently booked due to the registrations for 2021, we currently only have rooms available in the very beautiful alternative hotel Schloss Reinach for next year. If participants who are booked in the Dorint Hotel cancel their participation, participants can change to the Dorint Hotel if they wish.


I have registered for the GE 2021 and want to take part in 2022 as well. Do I have to register again?

We are very pleased that you want to be part of it in 2022 as well. You do not have to re-register for the GE 2022. Your current registration will simply be postponed 1:1 to the next year. You don't need to worry about anything.


I have booked my hotel room at the early bird discount and have already paid for it. Do I get my money back?

Yes. You can also claim your money back with a prepayment at the early bird discount if you cancel your participation.

But please note:
We have participants who had to stay in the alternative hotel Schloss Reinach. After the contingent of participants was exhausted according to our hygiene concept, a waiting list was even formed. Participants who had to stay in the alternative hotel would then move into free rooms at the Dorint Thermenhotel and participants from the waiting list would also move to the Dorint Hotel or Schloss Reinach, depending on room availability. Participants who cancel their participation, but then want to participate later, would have to register again.
In the event of a new registration, of course, we cannot guarantee that you will get another free place!
All participation fees are parked in a trust account of the Kreissparkasse GroƟ-Gerau (German savings banks are institutions under public law).


I have already registered for the GE 2021. Do I still have to pay my registration fee by May 5th, 2021?

No you don't have to.
If you want to participate in 2022 instead of 2021, you do not need to cancel or pay now. The new payment deadline for the GE 2022 is now April 30, 2022.


Will the prices change for the 2022 meeting?

The prices will not change for all already registered participants. Not even the room prices in the hotel!
However, if you register again, at least the room prices of the hotels will probably increase a bit. We want to keep the participation fees if possible. Unfortunately, we can no longer offer an early bird discount, as the Dorint Hotel is currently still fully booked. Should rooms become vacant due to cancellations, prices will correspond to the standard tariff or be slightly higher. However, we can only make a specific statement later this year.


I would like to arrive earlier and / or stay longer. How can I book this at the hotel?

Please indicate your desired arrival and / or departure date in the registration form under the relevant point. We will take care of the reservation as much as possible.


I'm arriving without a Cadillac. Is it possible to ride in a Cadillac?

We look forward to every participant. We will be happy to arrange a lift for you. Please indicate in the registration form that you are coming without a Cadillac and that you would like a lift.


I'm traveling by train. How do I get to the hotel?

From Freiburg main station, take tram line 3 in the direction of Haid to the station "Munzinger Str.". Change to bus line 34 in the direction of "Keidel Mineral-Thermalbad". The Keidel Mineral Thermal Bath is directly adjacent to the Hotel Dorint.
More information can be found here:


I'm arriving by plane. How do I get to the hotel?

The Dorint Hotel can also be reached by train from Basel and Strasbourg airports. For information on fares, departure times and to book train connections, please use the Deutsche Bahn website:


I need help with my journey from the airport or train station.

We are happy to help you with your arrival. Write to us using the contact form.


I transport my Cadillac to the meeting on a trailer. Can I leave it at the hotel?

We are happy to help you find a parking space for the trailer. The trailer cannot be parked directly at the hotel, but about 1 km from the hotel there is a sufficiently large car park on which the trailer can be parked.
It is best to specify this when registering.


I would like to arrive with the motorhome and also spend the night in it.

We are happy to give tips for the campsite closest to the hotel. Write to us using the contact form.


Are dogs allowed in the hotel?

Since the Dorint Thermenhotel Freiburg is connected to a rehabilitation center, dogs are unfortunately not allowed there.
In the alternative hotel, Schloss Reinach, dogs are permitted to a limited extent. Please contact the hotel for further information:




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