As the only Cadillac Club in Germany, we have made it our mission to provide advice and support to our members who often live big distances apart from each other.

The brand Cadillac is a subsidiary of one of the world's largest car manufacturer, General Motors Corporation, Detroit, USA. They formed together with the two other brands Buick and Oldsmobile in 1908 the core of the newly formed parent company GM. We understand our efforts for the preservation and maintenance of the brand Cadillac also as a preservation of the great traditions that have always been an indicator of the Cadillac brand and the strategy of GM. (including great  innovation, expertise, reflecting the style of the time, outstanding design and engineering skills that have been of reliable service to people for decades and hundreds of thousands of miles).

Cadillac is more than just a car. Each since 1903 built Cadillac is a statement of a positive philosophy, progressive, but at the same time focused on the retention of timeless values.

We understand our relationship to the GM family in general and the Cadillac brand in particular as a cultural and historical heritage worth preserving. Therefore, we invite you to use the links on the left side to keep track of how an over more than 100 years successfuly running brand operates today with the latest technology, pioneering design and a customer-responsive philosophy.

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